EXPO-AV - player controlls in lockscreen


  1. SDK Version: 42.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/IOS

It’s possible enable lock screen native controls? i used expo whit expo-av and i followed de documentation but many people need this fucntionality and “playstore” or “appleStore” need this para validar la aplicacion y permitirla. I dont understand why dont exist any topic explaining this.

Its posible or not?

I triyed using:

Whit bad results.

please help us!

Hey @danielgbullido, this functionality is not present within the expo-av package. You’ll need to write a config plugin for a third-party library to add this functionality to a managed project or use a bare project and add the third-party library as directed.


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Hi adam nav, thanks for the reply,

Do you have an example on this or know of a third party library that does something similar?

when you talk about “bare project”, what do you mean?

In the last mesagge i add links that libraries that i used and i dont any result because “expo link” dont work.

please if you can explain a litle more your explanantion, i will aprecaite it.

thanks a lot

In the end, the best solution is run command expo eject


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