[Expo-av] pause.Async() will not pause song playing

Hello there,

as i mentioned in title, i’ve posted my issue on github : [Expo-av] pause.Asyn() will not pause song playing · Issue #11815 · expo/expo · GitHub

I have some prolems with pause.Async() and stopAsynch()

My song is playing well but when i want to pause or stop it, on console.log i can see the log but the song keep playing, i heard somewhere i should use .unloadAsync() but still couldnt make it works

async playSound() {

    const { sound } = await Audio.Sound.createAsync(

    this.setState({ sons: sound });

      await this.state.sons.pauseAsync()
      this.setState({isPlaying: false})
      console.log('Pause Playing');


      await this.state.sons.playAsync();
      this.setState({isPlaying: true})
      console.log('Playing Sound');


thanks in advance

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