[expo-av] Other audio playback is paused when switch app state

I am using bare Expo for my app. In our service, we use expo-av to playback gifv which is gif been transformed into video but without sound.

Say that I have a music playing in Apply Music on iOS. When I see a gifv without sound playing in my app, this won’t interrupt with the music playing, see app/Video.tsx at main · tooot-app/app · GitHub.

However, when I switch app state from foreground to inactive or background, my music get paused. I try to stop or unload this piece of gifv when app state changes but it won’t help. I have try to use setTimeout to stop this gifv after say 3 seconds and then switch app state, it is fine. How can I solve this issue?

See my audio setup at app/audio.ts at main · tooot-app/app · GitHub

Thank you!

Anyone has similar issue?

Have u got solution? I am using expo-av to play audio but it gets paused if we open another app or goes to background…

any solution