expo-av / iOS / HLS fails

  1. SDK Version: 47
  2. Platforms: iOS
  3. Tags: expo-av

We have a test app that plays HLS video using expo-av. This runs ok on Android but on iOS 16 the video does not play. Is there any special configuration needed for expo-av with HLS on iOS?
(The video does play on iPads with expo-av and in a native iOS app so we do not think it’s an encoding problem.)

We have changed our application and now can play HLS on iOS 16 (was related to our use of loadAsync and playAsync calls).


Hi I am wanting to do this, i m currently displaying a list of videos in mp4 format, do i have to convert the format to HLS if yes is there any special props to play that, i would be glad if you can share with me how you achieved yours. With mine the video start playing when the video screen comes into focus more like ticktok but i want to play the video like stream bits

Howdy - we converted mp4 to HLS using ffmpeg, have two streams each with a .m3u8 file and a master.m3u8. There are many settings for this - here’s a page with some examples:

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