Expo-AV Audio limitation causing bug!

Hi, Im trying to build an MusicPlayer Application which plays musics & playlists. Every time user plays an audio I’ll first unload and load new uri to expo-av. And Every time user hits next button, I’ll unload and loadAsync the next uri in my expo-av.
The problem is,the expo-av only allows unloadAsync when loadAsync has finished loading the current uri. So if user hits next button 4-5 or more times rapidly, the playNext function will be called and run many unload and loads which causes a mes. for example, application may freeze for many loads or plays multiple songs(only when I recreate new player) or even a big delay to load and unload all uri’s!
This is because in my playNext button I cant stop or unload the current loading uri ASAP! and causing me nasty bug.
I have also done the below methods:
1.Recreate new player and destroy the last player every time user hits next!
2.Use an next-uri’s-holder array and add next uri to the array and play the last uri after an amount of time with Timers.(and such workarounds)
3.Using lodash debounce with function.
4.Using other ways like using with redux or so…
But nothing works and I have stuck here.
Any help is appreciated, any links to helpful source codes is also nice.