expo av 11 breaks android eas build

  • Bare workflow
  • eas-cli 0.54.1

Hello, I recently upgraded from expo SDK 43 to 45, which included an upgrade of expo av from 10.1.3 to 11.2.3.

After updating my imports of the android and iOS Interruption modes (they are exported differently in v11), my android builds on eas fail. Here’s a screenshot of the build failure:

Here is the code I changed that causes the failure:

Without the code changes, my audio player fails to work at all. With the changes, I can’t complete an android builld.

Am I missing some extra configuration with the updated expo av version?

try rebuilding, it looks like there may have been an intermittent issue with the artifact repository. share a link to your build page if it fails again

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Thanks! The re-run just went through fine

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