expo-auth-session/providers/google not working on standalone app: invalid_scheme

Hi there, I hope that someone can help me with the following issue which I’ve been struggling with for a while.

I am trying to use expo-auth-session/providers/google for Google Auth on Android in Expo SDK 39.

I have followed the guide here but everything I do ends up with a google message:

Error 400: invalid_request
Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Invalid scheme: com.my_domain.myapp:/oauthredirect

And I just can not understand what am I doing wrong.

I need to mention the fact that the login in the Expo Client works perfectly with the exact same code.

I checked the credentials an infinite amount of times and what bothers me is that it works in the expo client but not on the standalone app so I am sure it’s something related to the google config but I don’t know what.

Here is my app.json:

  "expo": {
    "scheme": "myapp",
    "platforms": [
    "android": {
      "package": "com.my_domain.myapp",

And my integration:

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import * as WebBrowser from "expo-web-browser";
import * as Google from 'expo-auth-session/providers/google';
import PillButton from '../UI/PillButton';

const SignupCmp = props => {
    const [browserOpen, setBrowserOpen] = useState(null);

    const [request, response, promptAsync] = Google.useAuthRequest({
        expoClientId: '123-myuniqueid.apps.googleusercontent.com',
        androidClientId: '123-myuniqueid.apps.googleusercontent.com'

    useEffect(() => {
        WebBrowser.warmUpAsync().then(r => console.log('warmed'));

        return () => {
            WebBrowser.coolDownAsync().then(r => console.log('cooled'));
    }, []);

    useEffect(() => {
        if (response?.type === 'success') {
            const { authentication } = response;
            // console.log(authentication);
    }, [response]);

    const handleBrowserOpen = async (url) => {
        let result = await WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync(url );

    return (
                onPress={() => { promptAsync().then(async val => {
                }) }}

export default SignupCmp;

I really need help on this one since I am out of ideas.

I updated the redirectUri property in the useAuthRequest as it follows:

const [request, response, promptAsync] = Google.useAuthRequest({
    expoClientId: '123-myuniqueid.apps.googleusercontent.com',
    androidClientId: '1234-myuniqueid.apps.googleusercontent.com',
    redirectUri: AuthSession.makeRedirectUri({
      native: 'myapp:/oauthredirect',
      useProxy: true
    scopes: [
  }, {});

And now the message has changed to

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Missing authority: myapp:/oauthredirect

The login in the expo client still works as it should.

I tried creating a new API key in the Google Console and tried different settings there but nothing seems to have worked.

I could really do with some help.
Thank you!

I ended up using import * as GoogleSignIn from 'expo-google-sign-in'; instead of the import * as Google from 'expo-auth-session/providers/google';

It seems this is the only way I can get it to work properly.

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