Expo auth is trying to redirect to incorrect tunnel address

Hello -

I use an emulator and the XDE to work locally. I’ve seen the tunnel address change randomly during development, which is fine - it’s a config tweak for me. But it looks like the expo proxy address (username/projectname etc) is redirecting back to the wrong tunnel.

Any reason this would be occurring? Why are my XDE and that address in conflict?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by Expo proxy address? The tunnel (exp.direct URL) is the proxy. Generally speaking this issue sounds symptomatic of a stale cache somewhere. Force quitting the client software on your phone and restarting XDE may help (BTW we recommend you try out the expo-cli beta, as we are deprecating XDE: https://blog.expo.io/announcing-expo-dev-tools-beta-c252cbeccb36).

Wasn’t aware of the deprecating XDE - good to know. I’ve force quit everything etc and restarted with the same issues. Can I ask, what makes the tunnel address change? Is that tied to IP, or something in package.json/app.json ? We use it to manually config redirects for our spring back end.

IIRC the tunnel address is first chosen randomly and then stored in the .expo directory under your project’s directory.

If the value in my .expo directory is null, would that be the source of my problems?

If you try rm -rf-ing your .expo directory, then restarting stuff, that’s a good way to sort of hit the rest button and it might fix some stuff.

for some reason it replaced the old proxy address random identifier with the wrong one - I manually changed it back, everything was great.

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