Expo Audio play live stream from latest position

  1. SDK Version: 37.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): All

Hi everyone.
I’m writing an audio player, using Expo Audio, for an app I’m making for a online radio.
The audio comes from an online live stream and, I’ve successfully added the player and all the things related to it; however, the one issue I’m having is that if I pause the audio, when I resume playing it the audio continues from when I paused it rather than from the current position and I need to pause it and play it again to get it to update to what’s currently being played.
I play it with playAsync() and I’ve tried pausing with pauseAsync(), stopAsync(), setStatusAsync({ shouldPlay: false, positionMillis: 0 });

Any tips in how I can get it to work the way it should?

Here’s the code I have for the audio player, it’s a class from which then I create an instance of to be able to manage it from different places in the app:

class audioPlayer {
  static instance = null;
  static createInstance() {
    var object = new audioPlayer();
    return object;


   * @returns {audioPlayer}
  static getInstance() {
    if (audioPlayer.instance == null) {
      audioPlayer.instance = audioPlayer.createInstance();

    return audioPlayer.instance;

  // Call this first to create a new audio element
  createAudio() {
    this._radioStream = new Audio.Sound();

  async loadAudioAsync() {
    try {
      await this._radioStream.loadAsync(
        { uri: "radio straem"},
      this.toggleAudio(); // Autoplay at start

      return true;
    } catch (error) {
      if (error.code === "E_LOAD_ERROR") {
        // In the case of an error we try to load again
        setTimeout(this.loadAudioAsync, 10000);
        throw new Error(error.code);
      } else {
        throw new Error(error);

  async unloadAudioAsync() {
    await this._radioStream.unloadAsync();

  async getStatusAsync() {
    return await this._radioStream.getStatusAsync();

  async toggleAudio() {
    // We're gonna play or pause depending on the status
    let { isLoaded, isPlaying } = await this._radioStream.getStatusAsync();

    // If the user presses the audio and the stream connection has been lost or something
    // we try to load it again
    if (!isLoaded) {
      let res = await this.loadAudioAsync(); // Try to loadAudio again
      if (res) this.toggleAudio(); // Retrigger the toggle to start playing

    if (isLoaded && !isPlaying) {
      await this._radioStream.playAsync();
    } else if (isLoaded && isPlaying) {
      await this._radioStream.stopAsync();

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