Expo app typing, overall reaction is extremely slow when opened on IOS(dev and prd too)

  1. SDK Version: 4.4.3
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): IOS

After running expo start and opening the app in Expo Go app i have a login screen.
I touch the input field, and the keyboard comes up, and when pressing letters it is extremely slow, not taking the input in, and it freezes the mobile sometimes too, so i cannot quit the app.
The app is available here: The Driver on Expo

Hey @alenart, can you share a runnable, reproducible example of this behavior? Without seeing code, knowing versions, testing env info it will be hard to help out here.


I realised what was causing it in the first place. I have React Native TextInput like this:

   style = {styles.input} 
   placeholder = {'Enter email address'} 
   keyboardType = {'email-address'}
   value = {email} 
   onChangeText = {email => setEmail(email)}            

The fact that i updated the recoil state of email and displayed it as value in the TextInput made typing slow down, although in a separate project i created to test this i could not reproduce, so maybe it was caused by an older version of Expo or React Native or other dependencies in my project.

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