Expo app on iOS crashes instantly when clicking published project

I’ve built and have been testing an app on my iPhone 11 for a long time and I often expo publish so that I can access my app from anywhere via the Expo app on my phone.

For the last week or so, when I click on my app in the Profile > Published Projects section, the whole Expo app crashes instantly.

I’ve tried reverting my code and re-publishing an older version just to make sure that it isn’t my code. But no luck.

I can access the exact same app fine from the Projects > Recently in Development section of the app (when I’m serving it up from my laptop on the same WIFI). And it also runs fine on a Simulator on my laptop.

Has anyone else come across this before? Is there a way to get logs from the Expo app itself to see what might be causing it to crash?

Expo client version:
In app.json: sdkVersion: “36.0.0”