Expo app on Android Studio emulator on Macbook M1 Silicon: WORKING

I finally got my new Expo App to run in my local Android Studio emulator on my new Macbook.
Just wanna share my findings.

First off: could not install the app on the emulator, got error
Couldn’t start project on Android: Error running adb: adb: failed to install /Users//.expo/android-apk-cache/Exponent-2.23.2.apk: Failure

I increased the local storage on the emulator, still didn’t work.
THEN i realized the there must be a bug in Android Studio, when I checked storage in the emulator, it was still tiny, even though Android Studio told med it had 32gb of storage…
Of course the Expo app could not be installed.

SOLUTION: Create a new emulator in Android Studio with TONS of storage from the start. You cant updated it later on.

Next problem, my app got stuck at the “flash” screen… No errors.
Solution: I replaced my App.js with a simple component that only outputted some text.
I could get that working in the Android emulator.
Changed the code of App.js back to where i started and I was now able to deploy/run it on my Android Emulator.
This has been a painful experience, I hope this will help some of you guys.

By the way. I hope user @douglasee sees this thread.

I could not reply with this “answer” in this thread because I’m to “new” in this forum so I’m under “restrictions”, can only post 3 replies in a thread (sucks).