Expo app crashes with MapView.Marker added

Hi There,

I’m experiencing a critical problem with Expo and the development of my App using React Native Maps included with expo. I’m stuck at a complete block with the addition of <MapView.Marker /> (https://github.com/react-community/react-native-maps#component-api) in my code, the expo client app immediately crashes during the build phase with no error logs of any sort since it is iOS.

This is a reproducible error as seen in my snack on the latest version of the SDK - https://snack.expo.io/@jongirard/map-crash

Simply comment the line where it says “comment this line to work” in the snack to see for yourself.

I’ve been able to fix the issue by changing the formatting of the coordinate prop. My code should have been like coordinate={{latitude: 37.78825, longitude: -122.4324 }} which works as intended. I didn’t realize that there is no type validation in this case which causes a hard crash :slight_smile:

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