Expo app by Evan Bacon from Play Store is crash

Hi. I was watching the example of Evan Bacon’s game published in Medium “Pillar Valley”, and I decided to download it from the Google Play Store. To my surprise, the game restarts a lot and after a couple of recoveries that he himself does, a blue screen appears with the message: “Something went wrong, Sorry about that. Press the reload button to try again”. After pressing the button to “try again” does not work again and stays on that blue screen.

The same thing had happened to me before (blue screen) with an app that I did for a client and I thought it could have been my mistake, which seemed strange to me, since that same application that from the apk failed, the one that I had in the Expo site always worked wonders. Even today is in production from the Expo site (not from the stores, I did not dare to upload it after that error).

Now the situation changes: a person from the Expo team (Evan Bacon), happens exactly the same thing that happened to me …

Can somehow prevent that blue screen from appearing?

I attached a link to the screenshot from a Samsung Galaxy S6.

url: https://prnt.sc/i47yx1

Greetings and thanks.

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