Expo app and iOS simulator crash without any error message

Hi, since upgrading to v32.0.0, iOS Expo app dies if I do some action.
Expo is in developer mode, so I see many console.logs I inserted, and some warnings or error messages when my program catches exception.
However, when my program running on iOS Expo dies, Expo does not generate any error messages or warnings. It just dies.
I tested with iOS Simulator and same happens.

However, this does not happen at Android Expo.

My program must have bugs.

Is there any way I can investigate deeper to get some hints?
Will there be some kind of dump file?

Xcode’s system.log shows that SIGABRT signal happens:
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDevice.BE245FB8-3B0D-4968-AE4E-0B7D12D4ECC2[9150] (UIKitApplication:host.exp.Exponent[0x4ad1][9174][9361]): Service exited due to SIGABRT


Solved issue.
I added many console.logs here and there and commented out suspicious components and finally found buggy component :slight_smile:
I have never experienced Expo app crash for over a year. So it was very strange to me. :sweat_smile:

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