Expo Android project fetch is not working v.40

using nodejs secure web api deployed on windows 10
Using expo v.40 fetch API is failed as TypeError: Network request failed
fetch(‘’, {
method: “GET”
.then((responseText) => {debugger;})
.catch((error) => {debugger;});

also works on emulator browser

using expo cli connection as ‘Local’
is anything need to config for expo cli?


What do you get if you log the error here?

TypeError: Network request failed
at D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:26473:20
at D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:31061:21
at _callTimer (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:30977:9)
at Object.callTimers (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:31185:9)
at MessageQueue.__callFunction (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:3180:31)
at D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:2912:17
at MessageQueue.__guard (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:3134:13)
at MessageQueue.callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\node_modules%5Cexpo%5CAppEntry.bundle:2911:14)
at D:\PopRides\DimeUber2.vscode.react\debuggerWorker.js:199:58
at process. (D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\debuggerWorker.js:68:9) {stack: ‘TypeError: Network request failed
at D:\app1\app1Source.vscode.react\debuggerWorker.js:68:9)’, message: ‘Network request failed’}

Got detail error from xmlhttprequest
java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Trust anchor for certification path not found

hmmm… that looks like an SSL certificate issue.
That does make sense given the RFC 1918 address.
Are you able to use a server with a valid SSL certificate?

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Thanks @wodin

I have published my nodejs API on the cloud.
Now, I am able to do fetch calls.

looks like some certificate issue on localhost.