Expo Android builds failing

Hi, about 8 of our Android builds failed in the past 2 days with no logs.

We’ve been using Expo for several months and haven’t modified our CI pipeline recently. Android errors happen every ~2 weeks but resolve themselves in ~1-2 days. Not sure if there’s some more inherent issue that needs to be addressed.

These builds are running in GitLab CI. expo diagnostics seems to hang, but we’re mostly following docs for builds except we’re using expo-cli@3.27.8 since later versions cause GitLab’s runners to run out of memory (local builds seem fine).

Some build IDs below.

  • c654c516-e5a7-4ab2-b191-aa6381c83b0c
  • e4b02229-d62e-4310-9ec5-2aa9a880842e
  • b0a91399-2f86-4ab6-9264-e520fc988c0f
  • 5d22bf36-e70a-4ce3-b7a0-4556e7b3bbae
  • 0825a2fb-8355-4b59-9483-63bdc506d6d5
  • b878b80e-10dd-453f-b8ee-d4dd7ae72b0a

Console output.

- Making sure project is set up correctly...
[20:56:50] Checking if there is a build in progress...
[20:56:52] Accessing credentials for trelly in project trelly
[20:56:56] Looking for releases...
[20:56:56] Using existing release on channel "dev":

[20:56:56] Checking if this build already exists...
[20:56:56] Build started, it may take a few minutes to complete.
[20:56:56] You can check the queue length at https://expo.io/turtle-status
[20:56:56] You can monitor the build at ...
[20:56:56] Waiting for build to complete.
You can press Ctrl+C to exit. It won't cancel the build, you'll be able to monitor it at the printed URL.
✖ Build failed.
[20:57:27] Standalone build failed!

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