Expo and Login with facebook, Pinterst likes!

I want to add facebook login function in to my reactnative project, but instead of user type in user name and password I want my login to process like pinterst and other app; first it will go to facebook login url in a webview and has a button with title “Login With Facebook App” then it proceed to facebook app after user click on Continue it will be back to my app with some user information!! I already try searching with oauth already, but I still can’t understand the concept!!

PS: I’m using Exponent and React-Native and sorry for my english!! I just want to create a function that is easy for user without them type anything if they already log in with facebook mobile app!! :slight_smile:

This should give you your desired result:


You won’t need a webView for this, the facebook login button will handle taking the user to their facebook mobile app and logging them in if they aren’t already. You do however need to go through the process of setting up your app through your facebook developer account as detailed in the above link.

Thank You!! I will give it a try!!