expo-analytics-amplitude will be deprecated in sdk 45

The amplitude library is being deprecated in sdk 45 and will be removed in sdk 46, in the expo-analytics-amplitude documentation it sends to the official Amplitude library in which it asks to do a pod install and due to this it is impossible to use the library for managed projects.

How are we going to use amplitude in managed projects if they deprecate the library? Or is there something I’m missing that makes it possible?

Needing pod install for dependencies is no problem in a managed workflow project, EAS runs this as part of the build process. You will need a custom development client though.


Hi @andrestb

To elaborate slightly on what Kim said, you will not be able to use Amplitude in the Expo Go app (in SDK 46. I think it should still work in SDK 45, but haven’t tried it), but you can use a custom development client instead of Expo Go. A custom development client is basically a version of Expo Go that has only your dependencies built into it. So if you install Amplitude then the native code needed for that will be built into the dev client when you build it.


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