Expo - After publishing the application not latest version visible


I’ve been an application and published it (SnapCity on Expo), but unfortunately on iOS the link gives the latest version whereas on Android it’s just an archaic old version.

It seems like the publish broke for Android.


I’m having a similar problem with iOS. According to Application Loader, it is not using the version number in app.json.

@chelseadan @roblingle this could be because you published under a new sdkVersion, which your standalone application doesnt yet support. See https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/advanced-release-channels.html#what-version-of-the-app-will-my-users-get

For me, the issue was resolved by publishing and then building. That’s a new requirement, right? Thought it used to publish automatically as part of build.

@roblingle, you are correct, but the problem was solved because when you build, it will make your standalone app compatible with our latest sdkVersion. Any subsequent publishes you make with the newest sdkVersion will get pulled with the new build. If you hadnt built recently, and kept publishing with a new sdkVersion, your old build would not be compatible with the newest publishes and therefore wouldnt be updating.

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