expo-ads-admob not updating as expected

  1. SDK Version: 40.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
  3. Workflow: Managed

Hi Everyone!

As I’m sure many are aware, admob needed an update to use a newer SDK (7.64+) and this message appears on your admob account if you have apps below that version:

Some of your iOS apps require a GMA SDK update To keep ads serving normally and minimize a loss in ad revenue, implement the GMA SDK 7.64.0 (or later) for your iOS apps. And configure the SKAdNetwork in your apps with Google’s network ID.

Expo had a PR here that was merged 6 days ago. This should have updated the GMA SDK to 7.69.0. However, when I ran expo upgrade it states that it updated expo-ads-admob,

:white_check_mark: The following packages were updated:
expo-ads-admob, expo-av, expo-keep-awake, expo-updates, react-native, react, react-dom, @babel/core, react-native-web, babel-preset-expo, expo

but no changes take effect. And if I have the newer version (10.0.0) that I manually installed as stated below, it downgrades it to 8.4.0.

When that wasn’t working, I then went and manually updated expo-ads-admob to 10.0.0 via npm (also tried yarn) and it looked like the node package was actually updated (checking the CHANGELOG and it has info about 10.0.0).

Still when I build my app with expo build:ios, and check my GMA SDK version on admob it is still using 7.55.1 and I also made sure I was checking the newest version of my app.

I have also tried completely removing expo-ads-admob and reinstalling, but the same issue occurs

Any ideas as to why this is occurring? Is there some other method I should be using to upgrade to the latest commit on expo master?

Appreciate all the assistance in advance!

Hey @ddrossi93, you won’t be able to customize the versions of the modules included in a specific SDK when using the Managed workflow. If you need the newer version now, you’ll need to migrate to the bare workflow. If you can wait and want to stay in the Managed workflow, you’ll need to wait until SDK41 is released.


Thank you for the response @adamjnav !

That makes sense to me. Just was unaware if there was a different way I should be updating my projects.

I may switch to bare just to get this going, unless the SDK41 release is somewhat in the near future (is there somewhere I can track that?)

Thanks again! I will mark as solution.

we release a new sdk every quarter. the next one is due in early april. all sdk development is done in open source on http://github.com/expo/expo

I have a React-Native app which also has React-Native-Admob installed. I prefer to get the rewarded ad showing so i’ll start with this one. free button the modal is closed as expected, also my console log Rewarded video is shown. Can anyone guide to me tot get my Admob working with the rewarded?

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