Expo AAB - Problem on Play Console

After successfull build aab file, play console rejected it with an warning

Seu Android App Bundle foi assinado com uma chave incorreta. Use a chave de assinatura correta e tente novamente. Ele deveria ser assinado com um certificado com a seguinte impressão digital:
SHA1: 35:57:C0:75:CF:13:5E:44:46:1F:C1:03:FF:47:07:05:99:D1:56:9F
. No entanto, o certificado usado para assinar o App Bundle enviado usa:
SHA1: 7E:86:A4:CC:6A:5F:90:C5:97:A1:0A:C4:C5:CE:59:E2:62:45:28:D6

QUESTION : How to fix this problem.

Expo version used : 5.2.0 on windows10.

Hi @fabioadorno

What’s the history of this app?

It looks like an older version of the app was submitted to the Play store previously and that was signed using a different key.

You’d either need to get the original key and upload it to Expo for use when building your app, or ask Google to reset it. (I’m not sure of the process for asking Google to do this, but I’ve seen it mentioned on the forums in the past.)

Hi Wodin,

Yessssss, you give me a light on this problem.

I will try another way.

Thank You very Much.


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