Expo 45 - Print.printAsync page height & width still not working

I have an existing app that prints labels at a specific size 96px by 192px label/page size.

Print.printAsync({ html: myHTML, height: 92, width:192})

Since upgrading to Expo45 from Expo42

No matter how I send in the parameters the page size will always stay at the default size.

This is expo 45 managed on iOS


and previously on expo42


Now I have posted this before, and posted again in github.

Since releasing the new Expo Go app, I cannot develop using 42, which is the last release that the print worked.

I tried to use expo run:ios - but the simulator does not show a print preview.

I would very much prefer to not have this the reason why I eject the app from expo, but I am getting no response on any work arounds for this besides that.

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