Expo 44 - Print.printAsync page height & width not working

I have an existing app that prints labels at a specific size 96px by 192px label/page size.

Print.printAsync({ html: myHTML, height: 92, width:192})

Since upgrading to Expo44 from Expo42

No matter how I send in the parameters the page size will always stay at the default size.

This is expo 44 managed on iOS

and previously on expo42

Any idea on a workaround … or a patch from the expo team to fix this issue?

Hey @ohope, this appears to be a bug with the module and unfortunately we haven’t yet been able to investigate. Additionally, fixes of this nature will only roll out with a major SDK release so it will be some time yet before we are able to address it. I was going to recommend you make a github issue for us to track but it seems you already have.

As for a path forward, it seems like there are two options (there may be more that I’m unaware of).

  1. Revert to SDK42 until we are able to release a fix.
  2. Migrate to a Bare project and try this other library GitHub - christopherdro/react-native-print: Print documents using React Native (though at first glance I don’t see a way to pass height/width as args)

@adamjnav thank you … I have reverted back to 42 for the meantime.

Only issue is that on April 22nd iOS will no longer support anything compiled under iOS15. So time is of the essence!

Hi @adamjnav ! Will this be fixed in SDK45? Having the same issue here so I’m now trying to downgrade to 42.

@ohope Do you always get an extra blank page when using sdk 42?

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