EXPO 37 - google-services.json required but I'm using firebase web

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): expo web app

Hi, I’m trying to integrate expo-firebase-analytics on my expo web app, and I’m having this error

I have also this set up on my app.json

I’m not using android project on my firebase account, I only built a web-app, is there a way to fix this?

is there any work around with these guys? I’m developing with web project on my mobile expo app, which I believe don’t have google-services.json, but it still requires me to have one

This is definitely a scenario we want to support! I’m going to take a look on what’s going on here :+1:

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Hi! I’m unable to reproduce this problem when running expo web. From the screenshot it seems to think it’s running on Android. What command are you using to start the project ?

I’m just running my expo app using expo start -c

this is a mobile app btw, the restrictions on the previous sdk made me choose firebase web app to support ios and android at the same time.

So, which of these commands are you using?


Or are you scanning the QR and running it on your Android phone?

the QR code and running it on my android phone.

Ah I see, well that would explain it. When running on Android, you’ll still need to configure the google-services.json file. Although I won’t be used when running on the standard Expo client, it would be used when you create a stand-alone build of your app.

hmmm, I am currently building my apk without and having no issues. do you recommend to build an android project on firebase to get google-services.json? because all my current configuration is connected to the web and I also don’t see a ‘gradle’ on my project directory to configure the android project.

let me analyse the code and get back to you Vidmate 9apps

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