Expo 27 is not a valid sdk version

Hey there,

So, I have already seen that this SDK error once in a while pops up in this forum or in stackoverflow.
But they are all related to the Expo app and to development.
I have now a case where the end user gets this error

No idea what to look for. We are running on sdk 30. We did have in the past a release on sdk 27. Is there something messed up with release channels maybe?
Target device is a Redmi Note 5 on Android 8.1

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks for any help

Hey @choco – that’s odd :thinking: Does this happen every time the app is launched on any Android device? Or just intermittently?

Hello @esamelson !

It’s happening every time since it was installed from playstore

The install date was really recent (Feb 7th), so it’s not like is an older version

@choco - it sounds like it’s having trouble finding a JS bundle for SDK 30 and whatever release channel the binary was built with. Is it possible you built the binary using the --no-publish CLI option?

This should be fixable by making sure your SDK version is 30 and then running expo publish to the same release channel that the binary was built with. However, if that doesn’t fix the issue, could you send the affected apk to secure@expo.io so that we can take a look? Thanks!!

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