Experience X for platform "ios" and release channel "ios-default" does not exist or is not published.

Hey everyone,

after publishing, updates with expo publish I realized that the JS in the app doesn’t seem to get updated.

Here is the the Expo.plist from the released ipa:

Here is the log from CI of expo publish:

Run EXPO_RUNTIME_VERSION=1.0.44+bundleVersion.44+ios-default+overscore expo publish --non-interactive --release-channel ios-default

[14:15:38] › Runtime version: 1.0.44+bundleVersion.44+ios-default+overscore
[14:15:38] › Release channel: ios-default
[14:15:38] › Workflow: Bare

[14:15:38] Building optimized bundles and generating sourcemaps...
[14:15:40] Warning: Invalid version react-native@0.66.4 for expo sdkVersion 44.0.0. Use react-native@0.64.3
[14:15:43] Starting Metro Bundler
[14:18:36] Publish complete

[14:18:36] 📝  Manifest: https://exp.host/@skillnation/Overscore/index.exp?release-channel=ios-default&runtimeVersion=1.0.44+bundleVersion.44+ios-default+overscore Learn more: https://expo.fyi/manifest-url

When you open the manifest URL you will get the error I named in the title.

Can someone explain to me whats going on? :sweat_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Okay, mystery solved. Calling the updates URL using headers instead of the URL params it returns indeed the manifest.

This is also what the app does.

Its just that on ios the update never loads, but that was due to us using exp custom dev client and had to configure expo-updates manually (update native files) for it to work [which isn’t documented anywhere and feels like a bug].