Expected Behavior when testing AsyncStorage

I’ve begun implementing AsyncStorage into my react native app and am testing in the Expo app on my ios device. I’m curious about the expected behavior so I can test whether my app is functioning properly. If I force close the Expo app, should the data stored in AsyncStorage be persisted when I open the Expo app and run my project again? What if I rebuild the project? Would appreciate any help on how to test saving and clearing AsyncStorage data!

Did you create this project through create-react-native-app?

Yes, I did. Forgot to mention that.

OK, that makes sense. In some situations CRNA might regenerate a different “app name” since the Expo client can’t associate it with a username. If you run the app through XDE or exp using an Expo account you should see the data persist between sessions.

Note that most of the time CRNA shouldn’t lose access to data in between sessions, but it definitely will when run on different computers.