Expanded text for local notification in Android


I am using local notification for a scheduled notification. I am not able to show a big expanded text in the notification for Android. Attached is the screenshot of the same. Can someone help me fix the same?


I can see that Android has bigText notifications, is there a way I can add the same through expo notifications?



Expo actually does use bigText for notifications. The text is truncated in the initial notification view, as seen in your screenshot, but when expanded should show the full text.

No, am not able to expand it. Any clue why?

@satya164 have you guys come across this issue? I grokked through the java code and saw that bigText is indeed used.

I don’t want to eject from expo because of this :sweat:


I found that bigText is being used in the listener. But the same is missing in the Notification Helper which is used for showing local notifications.

Any specific reasons why?


Nope, feel free to send a PR!

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I’ve made the fix. Shall I go ahead and submit a PR?


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Merged the PR @leenasn. Thank you!

Great @jesse. Glad I could do this.

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