Exp.json wasn't there

I was just trying to build standalone app following this tutorial https://docs.expo.io/versions/v15.0.0/guides/building-standalone-apps.html#building-standalone-apps

It says edit your expo.json . But I created my project using CRNA and this file expo.json doesn’t exist.

Not sure documentation is missing something or CRNA forgot to create this file for me.


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When I run exp start , it says

Warning: Both app.json and exp.json exist in this directory. Only one should exist for a single project.

So with CRNA i didn’t need to create exp.json file but put those config in app.json file ?

Hi- Yes. If you use CRNA, the configuration is in app.json instead of exp.json. So you just need to edit that file. Sorry for the confusion! We’ll likely move everything to app.json over time.