[exp] IOs build issue using own credentials

I’m trying to run a standalone build for ios using my own credentials.

After I submit the distribution certificate and the provisioning profile file the build starts, then a first request for credentials seems pass, but later the build fails, aparently trying to obtain credentials again:

“unable to get credentials”


If I run exp fetch:ios:certs in the console then the credentials are fetched successfully, so I think this could be an issue in teh build server, or am I missing something?

console log for exp fetch:ios:certs:

16:44:25 [exp] Retreiving iOS credentials for @marianobrc/russia-2018-live-xde
16:44:27 [exp] These credentials are associated with Apple Team ID: 8T76V56Q65
16:44:27 [exp] Writing distribution cert to /home/mariano/react-native-projects/russia-2018-live-xde/russia-2018-live-xde_dist.p12…
16:44:27 [exp] Done writing distribution cert credentials to disk.
16:44:27 [exp] Writing push cert to /home/mariano/react-native-projects/russia-2018-live-xde/russia-2018-live-xde_push.p12…
16:44:27 [exp] Done writing push cert credentials to disk.
16:44:27 [exp] Writing provisioning profile to /home/mariano/react-native-projects/russia-2018-live-xde/russia-2018-live-xde.mobileprovision…
16:44:27 [exp] Done writing provisioning profile to disk
16:44:27 [exp] Save these important values as well:

Distribution p12 password: xxxxxxxx
Push p12 password: xxxxxxxx

16:44:27 [exp] All done!

Is anyone else experimenting this kind of issue?

Thanks in advance

I’ve just realized that while providing the credentials I’ve passed the .cer file instead of the .p12 file

Now I’m wondering how can I get my .p12 file having the .cer file and the key? (I dont have a mac so I’ve generated the keys with openssl)

I’ve found the steps to generate the .p12 file here

Build was successfull and I was able to install the .ipa in the phone after building with the right .p12 certificates and a proper provissioning profile file setup for Adhoc installations in my test phone.

Hope this post can help someone else.

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thanks for sharing all this info here!

thanks for sharing all this info here!

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