exp.host not found

erro after publish project

Having the same issue. This is not true if I didn’t specify any channels, since I could open it directly in Expo under Published Projects. Only happens when I try to segregate between different channels. In the browser, it still shows Not Found. Help is needed :confused:

Getting the same error. I get a url for the published app but only get “Not found” when I visit the URL.

Does it make a difference if you add ?release-channel=your-release-channel on the end of the URL?

e.g. https://exp.host/@jonnytailer/ChatComposer?release-channel=test

Same thing happening here. There’s no URL under exp.host working for me: even https://exp.host only returns “Not Found”.

Is this link working for you @wodin?


This expo FYI explains this pretty well

When you publish a project you are given a manifest URL. This is where your app will look for updates in the future. The URL you are given is not directly accessible in the web browser without adding some additional headers or parameters.
For example, the manifest URL for the app with the slug native-component-list published by the user community is https://exp.host/@community/native-component-list . If we want to inspect this in our web browser, we can add /index.exp?sdkVersion=37.0.0 to it. The end result is: https://exp.host/@community/native-component-list/index.exp?sdkVersion=37.0.0.

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How do you configure a release channel. I published a vanilla app using expo publish but did not specify any release channel.

I can access the manifest by appending /index.exp?sdkVersion=37.0.0. However I was looking at getting the QR code one would get to be able to download the app by a few other users for testing. I was of the assumption if you went to https://exp.host/@username/ I would get to the page which would show me a QR code. But I only get “Not Found” on that URL

you can use that URL to generate a QR code, but the page I think you’re referring to is https://expo.io/@username/projectname

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Awesome that works. Thanks

The release channel is “default” if you don’t specify it.

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Yes works with setting release channel to default in the URL. Thanks.

Hi everyone,

I was working and suddenly I got an app crash.
After restarting the app I noticed the CLI was stating i was not logged in.
When trying to do that I got this getaddrinfo ENOENT exp.host exp.host:443 error and after digging a little I found this link: https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/exp.host

This site is saying exp.host is down for everyone.

I think downforeveryoneorjustme.com is confused by the fact that http://exp.host returns a 404 Not Found status.

The server is definitely up.

The fact that you got an getaddrinfo error means that there was a DNS error at the time, whether on your side or with the servers hosting the exp.host DNS records. I can currently resolve the address and as I said above the server is up and running.

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