`Exp focus <Component>` Idea / Discussion

Hey Expo,

There are times where I’d like to focus on building one component. I don’t want to leave Expo because I’m utilizing the platform for this component.

Hot reloading is :confused: and live reload works, but there are times a nested component requires some form of setup. When these scenarios arise I’m in a constant battle of:

“do I set up my app with all the right state so I can move quickly or do I just deal with it b/c it won’t take that long”

sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong :smile:

I’ve even spun up vanilla react native apps, copy stuff over and try to make it work. That obviously has shortcomings b/c I don’t get the Expo ecosystem and I’m spending a lot of time copying stuff over.

@notbrent had a clever idea of importing that component into App.js and returning it from the entry point which I’m going to try out today and see how it feels!

Mainly, having some sort of helper that can make this easier for me, whether its utilizing Snack or just the Simulator would be an awesome way to allow me to move faster!

Thanks again!

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