Exp cli login -h documentation option

What is the --config in the exp login --help:


    -u, --username [string]  Username
    -p, --password [string]  Password
    --config [file]          Specify a path to app.json
    -h, --help               output usage information

Couldn’t find mode info in the doc.


It’s a flag that’s globally supported to specify which app.json file to use when running the project. We should probably hide the option when printing help for commands that don’t do anything with the argument (cc @fson).

Okay, thanks.

Another quick question, is there any way to automate exp login within the app.json (or something like that)?

For example:

project A need to be published on account A

project B need to be published on account B

So in order to avoid to publish project B on project A (two different companies) I have to login manually (or with an alias) to the good exp account

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