[EXP CLI] Internal Server Error

The expo server return ‘Internal Server Error’ when i try to build my app with exp build:ios or exp build:android


But i still can download the build app with exp build:status
Is it only me or everyone else?
Thank you

Hi, can you make sure you are logged in to the same account in both the CLI and on expo.io?

Hey @kikoololmdrxdd

I’m sorry you’re encountering this issue, the problem comes from being logged into another account that doesn’t have access. You will need to log in with the correct account in a browser without sessions data, You can do this by using an incognito browser or a different browser.

Yes, i was logged on another account! Thank you =)

Yes i was on the wrong account , thanks =)

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Great thats awesome to hear! In the future you won’t see the obscure “Internal Server Error” issue. I’m really sorry about that!

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