Exp build:ios with own certificate

Anyone has succesfully built iOS IPA package with own certificate? I made p12 certificates, download mobile privisioning, perform exp bi, but failed at signing IPA.

Executing command: fastlane gym -n 74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369-unsigned.ipa --workspace /usr/local/turtle-agent/ios/Exponent.xcworkspace --scheme Exponent --archive_path /tmp/turtle/74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369/74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369.xcarchive --skip_build_archive true -i E4CCBDAB9BE9EA9712249B43C2A9FE7E9CB8536C --export_options /tmp/turtle/74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369/provisioning-74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369/export-options.plist --export_method app-store --export_xcargs OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS="--keychain /tmp/turtle-agent/29b07297-edd2-11e7-aa4b-0050568e2416.keychain" -o /tmp/turtle/74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369/74296a84-b8ba-426c-a681-402d014f8369-build --verbose
Unable to generate IPA.
unable to build and sign IPA

Thanks in advanced

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Hi! Can you provide the URL for your build logs? Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. Here is the URL:

Hi - looks like there was a bug on our end. Could you try upgrading to the newest version of exp and then upload your credentials again & retry?

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