Exp build:ios giving same (old) download bundle every time

I am having an issue where exp build:ios is giving me an old download bundle after a new build (android builds the new code though).

eg :


These builds when downloaded had old JS that wasn’t in the codebase when running exp build:ios.

The android bundle created using the same method on the same code gets the latest code every time.

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Hi, it looks like you have published for SDK 20 today, and you also published for SDK 21 on September 27. A binary for your app will fetch the latest published SDK version, so it’s fetching your SDK 21 build from a few days ago.

Aha interesting. We downgraded due to the icon issue. I’ll revert and see if that fixes - thanks

Actually, its a problem with firebase image upload in 21. How do we go about properly reverting to SDK 20 ?