`exp build:android` taking a very long time

I’ve started an exp build:android, but while the docs say it should take a few minutes, mine has been running for close to an hour now. Whenever I do exp build:status I get Android: Build in progress....

Not sure how long it’s normally supposed to take? Is there a way to cancel a build a start over? Is that necessary or should I just wait it out? My app runs fine and is relatively small.

The Android builds typically take 30-60 minutes. Is your build still showing as in progress?

It seemed to have finished overnight, but the build:status wasn’t showing any URL, just said that I had no builds in progress.

So I tried to do another build:android and this time it completed in just a few minutes with a proper url showing at the end so it seems like I’m all good now. But was strange behaviour for a while there.

Hi dikaiosune,

My android build waiting in queue for more than one and half hour. Here is my Build ID: 627d8b64-c9a4-4814-b3b9-9bf285a20ae1.

Hi there –

We had some issues with the Android builders this evening.

The issue has been fixed and the queue is processing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Adam (@skevy)

my app taking a very very long time to build.
Past 15 hours and nothing. only show me Android: Build in progress…
sorry about my english… but help me. kkkkk

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Sometimes the server expo so full for queud

I’ve been building expo apps from expo-cli on regular basis for well over a year. The time it takes to do android builds has significantly went up in the last few months. It seems this long delay may coincide with the option of ‘faster builds’ on a paid plan. In other words, now users have to pay to get the type of build time they experienced for free previously. It used to take less than 10 minutes on a consistent basis. Now it takes 2-4xs longer

Over the past few years, the number of Expo developers has grown and therefore the number of build requests. The build servers cost money to operate and it costs more money to add more builder capacity. Since we wanted to keep builds free, we introduced builder priority as a feature of the Expo Developer Services paid plan. We think this is a practical and fair way to achieve three things:

  1. Developers have a way to pay for the resources they are using. We’ve also heard from some developers that being on a paid plan increases their confidence in Expo.
  2. Basic builds are still offered for free. For example, we want students to be able to use Expo for class projects, and for companies to be able to build prototypes using Expo for free before committing to a paid plan once they are ready for production.
  3. To be fair to developers on a paid plan, we give them priority on the builders. As more developers sign up for the paid plan, we can increase builder capacity.

Additionally, we currently provide turtle-cli, which is a way to build standalone apps on your own hardware. And you can generate Xcode and Android Studio projects from your Expo project and compile them yourself if you’d like to. Generally, we make Expo’s libraries free and open source, but services that cost money to operate aren’t free at the end of the day and we’ve offered a pretty affordable way to pay for developer services here: Expo Application Services (EAS).


Do I need to stay online until build finishes

No. Once it has been uploaded to Expo’s build servers you don’t need to stay online. To check the status you can go to the “builds” on the website after logging in.

For my Android build id 3e342497-8e1d-46a1-8fbd-a339afdaef87, it has taken up to now, 23 HOURS. Is this fine? In the past it used to take up to 1h in a few months ago. Is this the new average?

you can check here Service Status — Standalone Builds — Expo how long build will take. 1-1.5 hour is probably maximum time it should take. Can you cancel your build and try again?