EXAppDefines.h file not found when compiling a bare ios app

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): ios

I am following these instructions to make a managed expo app bare: Bare Workflow Walkthrough - Expo Documentation

when I try to run the ios local binary with expo run:ios the compiler fails after a while and these are the last few rows in the console:

› Executing expo-modules-core Pods/ExpoModulesCore » Copy generated compatibility header
› Compiling expo-keep-awake Pods/ExpoKeepAwake » KeepAwakeModule.swift
› Compiling expo Pods/Expo » Expo-dummy.m
› Compiling expo Pods/Expo » EXAppDefinesLoader.m

❌  (node_modules/expo/ios/EXAppDefinesLoader.m:6:9)

  4 | 
  5 | #import <ExpoModulesCore/ExpoModulesCore.h>
> 6 | #import <ExpoModulesCore/EXAppDefines.h>
    |         ^ 'ExpoModulesCore/EXAppDefines.h' file not found
  7 | #import <React/RCTDefines.h>
  8 | 
  9 | @implementation EXAppDefinesLoader

› Compiling expo-secure-store Pods/EXSecureStore » EXSecureStore.m
› Compiling expo-secure-store Pods/EXSecureStore » EXSecureStore-dummy.m
› Compiling expo-local-authentication Pods/EXLocalAuthentication » EXLocalAuthentication-dummy.m
› Compiling expo-local-authentication Pods/EXLocalAuthentication » EXLocalAuthentication.m
› Compiling expo-image-loader Pods/EXImageLoader » EXImageLoader.m
› Compiling expo-image-loader Pods/EXImageLoader » EXImageLoader-dummy.m
› Compiling expo-tracking-transparency Pods/EXTrackingTransparency » TrackingTransparencyModule.swift
› Compiling expo-font Pods/EXFont » EXFontScalersManager.m
› Compiling expo-font Pods/EXFont » EXFontScaler.m
› Compiling expo-font Pods/EXFont » EXFontManager.m
› Compiling expo-font Pods/EXFont » EXFontLoaderProcessor.m

› 1 error(s), and 0 warning(s)

Failed to build iOS project. "xcodebuild" exited with error code 65.

any help would be very appreciated, thank you!

fixed by expo installing expo-modules-core, any idea why it wasn’t already installed?

It should have been installed as a dependency of a dependency. If you run npm why expo-modules-core or yarn expo-modules-core you’ll see it’s a dependency of expo.

So I suspect what caused your problem had something to do with incompatible versions rather than expo-modules-core being missing.

You could try running expo doctor, which might have told you what the problem was.

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Thank you, I tried running that and found out I was using an outdated version of @bugsnag/expo
I was able to roll back and make it work without explicitly installing expo-modules-core

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