Example using expo to edit external database table?

Just getting started with expo - long time developer in the industrial control systems area but relatively new to mobile and web. My project goal is to create an app that allows users to enter and edit records on a shared hosted database (potentially AWS Dynamo). I’m trying to find a sample app that includes something like a data grid that is populated by querying an external db and subsequently pushes edits in the app back up to the database. I want the user to be able to browse & edit data spreadsheet-style, with the ability to filter & sort the data in the grid, and select a record to go to a detail edit window. Ultimately, I would like to add things like using the device camera to add images to database records, and leveraging the Facebook API to create posts with images and text from the database.

Also, I’d like for this app to run on Android, iOS and web browser.

I’ve been searching for a while and finding lots of material on using SQLite with a local database and no grid-style record display. I’m hoping not to have to spend days and weeks learning how roll my own if there are already libraries out there that do what I want.

Any suggestions or pointers to a sample app that would be a good jump start on the above?