error while updating property 'alignContent' in shadow node of type: RCT View

I have been working on a project using expo snack. I have a problem that seems to manifest in different ways. When I run my full snack, I can only see the web view–the view from the expo go app on my phone and the android appetize view aren’t able to load.

I have also tried running smaller versions of my snack to try and see where the error is coming up. At several times I was able to get the app to work, and at other times I received the error described in the title. What’s weird is that I was not even using the alignContent style property in that case.

It seems like I am running version 41.0.0

I am willing to give code examples but I’m not sure what the best way to do that is. Pasting it into the post seems to distort the nesting.

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