Error when running exp build:ios

Hi peeps,

I’m running exp build:ios but I just keep getting a failed build (, I was hoping there were some details in the logs but this is the output I found:

▼creating keychain
[17:57:07] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:07] Starting ‘ios:create-keychain’…
creating new keychain…
Executing command: security show-keychain-info /private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain
Keychain “/private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain” timeout=360000s
created new keychain
saved keychain info to /private/tmp/0900eb43-97de-4c53-a3e9-10aafffc8ffb-keychain-info.json
[17:57:08] Finished ‘ios:create-keychain’ after 1.41 s
deferring keychain deletion
done creating keychain
▼getting credentials
getting credentials
▼importing cert into keychain
[17:57:10] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:10] Starting ‘ios:import-cert-into-keychain’…
▼importing certificate into keychain
importing certificate into keychain…
certificate has password
Executing command: security import /private/tmp/turtle/0900eb43-97de-4c53-a3e9-10aafffc8ffb/cert-37769500-a3f5-41d5-937a-0fe9a23c753f.p12 -A -k /private/tmp/xdl/879144b0-6ddb-11e8-8fde-e3ba1a30413f.keychain -f pkcs12 -P XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
1 identity imported.
imported certificate into keychain
▼importing cert into keychain
[17:57:10] Finished ‘ios:import-cert-into-keychain’ after 144 ms
▼getting credentials
done getting credentials
▼running archive builder
running shell app builder
extracting build configuration from app.json
▼running gulp task
[17:57:25] Node flags detected: --type
[stderr] /usr/local/Cellar/node/10.4.0/bin/node: bad option: --type
[17:57:25] Respawned to PID: 97975
▼running archive builder
unable to run shell app builder
▼deleting keychain
[17:57:26] Using gulpfile /usr/local/turtle-agent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[17:57:26] Starting ‘ios:delete-keychain’…
deleting keychain…
[17:57:28] Finished ‘ios:delete-keychain’ after 1.29 s

Have any of you guys seen this error before?

It looks like this is a duplicate of iOS build failing? - #3 by ccheever

I also was able to get one build to succeed

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Sorry about this, it’s an issue we became aware of yesterday and have since resolved. If you build again, it should work.

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No problem, you rock! There’s always bumps in the road :smiley:

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