Error upgrading to SDK 31

I am updating to SDK 31 and keep getting this error. I tested installing each dependency individually and have determined that the problem occurs when actually upgrading expo or jest-expo. The install process just gets stuck here and does not complete.

Hey @hochmanjoel,

Are you still experiencing this issue? Also, are you using yarn or npm to install?



Yeah. I had to downgrade because I could not figure it out. I use NPM

It looks like npm hangs when trying to remove an old dependency from the tree. Please make sure to delete your project’s node_modules directory before running npm install.

I did that. That’s why I was so confused

Alright, then I suspect it might be a bug in npm related to removing the package from package-lock.json. Are you using the latest npm? You can upgrade with npm install -g npm.

If the latest npm version still has this problem, I’d try to find and remove the whatwg-fetch dependency from package-lock.json manually or, as a last resort, remove package-lock.json altogether before running npm install (note that this may give you different package versions than you had locked in the package lock file, so you shouldn’t normally do this).

Before removing package-lock.json, you could also try running npm cache verify.

Ok I did all that. Messed around a little more. My CRNA entry broke (“couldn’t find babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source”). I reverted back again. And now my completely normal code is broken. Oy vey

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