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i am newly here in expo, i have error, how can i solve that, i tried tunnel Lan everything, i am logged in phone and pc to one login. Any ideas?

I take it you ran expo start and you are trying to view the app on your remote phone (not emulator)? The first things that come to mind are (and my experience):

  • Make sure you’re on the same WiFi network and frequency
  • Check your firewall settings

Edit: if that fails, you can try connecting your phone via USB (turn on USB debugging?), or download the Android Studio and run the emulator and then expo start and a (to launch in emulator).

My memory is a bit fuzzy. Hopefully someone else can add their thoughts.

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Thanks for lending a hand here @siddemo. @felya can you let me know if you still have trouble after following the advice mentioned above.


Hello, i have same problem , even with emulator, turned on usb debug, same mistake, any help?

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