Error scanning QR code: Something went wrong


I’m trying to run a React native app on my Android phone via QR code and what happening is that I’m getting an error “Something went wrong”. There are no errors and cannot resolve this issue.

I’m running on a MacOs Mojave and when scanning the QR code this appears:
“Something went wrong. Cannot load exp://…”

Please help me to resolve this issue as I can not find any solution online.

Thank you :slight_smile:

What SDK version and which phone? I’m aware that the Google Pixel 2 doesn’t work with BarCodeScanner In SDK 30.0.0.

What function do you execute on onBarCodeRead={}?


I just created a new app and wanted to run it on my Android One plus 5 phone or Iphone 7. Both not working.

I do not executed any function I started the app with expo start and in the browser I scanned QR code then the error come up.


Can you provide me with some more details:

  • Does the app open without any errors/warnings?
  • What are you scanning?
  • Expo SDK version?
  • Expo CLI version?

Also: are you on an open WIFI network? For example school networks in most cases won’t allow devices to share data with eachother.

Thanks in advance!

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