Error running 'xcrun simctrl openurl booted exp: url | Error installing or running app, Error: Process exited with a non-zero code: 60

I get this error everytime I run any xpo project.
But it never hurts. so i keep going.

  1. is it ok to have this keep going in production ?
  2. How can i fix it ?
  3. why is it showing up

Hey @harryp does this bug still appear when you restart XDE?

yes , i just quite and restart both xde and simulator , and it did appear.

Note: I also tried quiting and restartnig and creating new project from scratch and it still throwed this error messag.

I am tracking this GitHub issue for you: where other users have had this problem.

It appears that its an iOS simulator issue (my best guess), have you tried cmmd + Q on your iOS simulator and starting a fresh one?

yes, I did command Q

I’m having the same issue here. Started happening yesterday when the XDE asked to update. I tryed uninstalling and downloading again, but the same error still persists. Right now the iOS and Android (genymotion) emulators do not work for me…

I think the issue is solved just by updating xcode. But the error still appears on XDE console.

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Glad you were able to resolve this issue via xcode update.

Which version of xcode you have updated to?

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I’m with version 8.3.3 here.


Same problem here.
Xcode Version 9.4.1

For anyone like me also searching this issue, it is possible to un-eject your app and run again like normal. From the docs, Delete the ios and android directories from your project. Delete the isDetached and detach keys from your project's app.json. You can now use your project like a normal Expo project (with no ExpoKit). Read more at