Error running local app on iOS simulator

Hi, I have just started getting an error running a local app. I can build it as a standalone app OK but as a local build it reports the following error:-

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘_expoConstants.default.manifest.releaseChannel’)



global code

The actual error is in sentry-expo/index.js
expoReleaseChannel: Constants.manifest.releaseChannel,

It must be something to do with my environment as my colleague can build the same project, but I don’t know what I need to look for or change.

Can anyone help with this issue?

Hey @chrisblood! What version of sentry-expo are you using? Could you try installing expo-constants? If you’re running an expo managed app, just run expo install expo-constants

Thanks @charliecruzan. I’m running sentry-expo 1.9.0 but currently tied to Expo SDK 31 so expo install doesn’t work.

Hi guys, im having the same issue, i hope it gets fixed soon, cheers

by the way, how are you importing the constants?
should be like this:
import Constants from “expo-constants”;
i hope it works, cheers

@nahuelamendola- if he’s on SDK 31 and in a managed project, his import should still look like

import { Constants } from 'expo';

@chrisblood- gotchya, well then that’s definitely odd. By local build, you mean when you run expo start? I’d suggest running expo diagnostics with your colleague and seeing what’s different in your environment

Thanks @charliecruzan, I’ll try that.

By local, I do mean running “expo start” & then either running in an iOS simulator or on an Android device. I’m not sure what has changed because I could build this recently - I assume it is my environment but was struggling to find out what had changed

Thanks for your help @charliecruzan
My environment is now working but I don’t know what has changed. I removed another project, re-installed the node modules and it is now working.
We are going to move to SDK33 over the next couple of weeks and hopefully I won’t get the same problem, or if I do, then expo install should work.

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