Error: read ECONNRESET after audio stream playback

I get:

[19:04:52] events.js:167
[19:04:52] throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event
[19:04:52] ^
[19:04:52] Error: read ECONNRESET
[19:04:52] at TCP.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:139:27)
[19:04:52] Emitted ‘error’ event at:
[19:04:52] at emitErrorNT (internal/streams/destroy.js:82:8)
[19:04:52] at emitErrorAndCloseNT (internal/streams/destroy.js:50:3)
[19:04:52] at process.internalTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:72:19)

The server crashes. This occurs a short time after playing streaming audio from url and exiting the app using the back button. Is it possible to attach a handler to handle this error, or is there something obvious that I’m missing?

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Honestly, it looks like they left Audio module to die…

Hey @thejaka,

When you encounter these ECONNRESET issues, it helps to run rm -rf .expo.



Same problem here with every project. Deleting .expo folder as suggested @adamjnav did not fix it (Windows). Moments after turning off the phone screen I get ECONNRESET

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I’m developing on windows, and after persistently getting this error, I once tried deleting expo and the .expo settings folder and some others such as .android .config and .gradle, and reinstalled a newer version of expo and recreated a new project, but the issue persists…

Same issue

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