Error on Expo Start in SDK 34

After upgrading to SDK 34 this error shows up on Expo start:

Unable to resolve “./Animated” from “node_modules\expo\build\DangerZone.js”

Hi again :wave:

No need to make a new post, since you’ve already asked about this here

Can you try running expo start -c to clear the cache? And if you can share the code that reproduces this, that’d be very helpful

Hi @charliecruzan

I posted in the wrong category at first. It is a SDK update issue.

  1. Upgrading Node.js to latest stable release
  2. Upgrading Expo to latest version by running npm install expo-cli --global
  3. Deleted node_modules folder.
  4. Deleted package-lock.json
  5. Run npm install in project foldder
  6. Run expo start -c

I think that is what solved the problem.

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Ah okay I see, fair enough!

glad you were able to get it fixed! Have a feeling that expo start -c did the trick

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