Error on ejecting project

I have the problem with following config:

  "name": "Tap, Tap!",
  "displayName": "Tap, Tap!",
  "icon": "./distribution/_assets/iconTapTap.png",
  "version": "1.1.4",
  "slug": "tap-tap",
  "sdkVersion": "17.0.0",
  "ios": {
    "bundleIdentifier": "com.impale.usehotkey"
  "android": {
    "package": "com.impale.usehotkey"

When I run npm run react-native-scripts eject I get following error:

? How would you like to eject from create-react-native-app?
ExpoKit: I’ll create or log in with an Expo account to use React Native and the Expo SDK.

An Expo account is required to proceed.

? It appears you’re already logged in to Expo as impale, would you like to continue with this ac count? Yes, continue as impale.
Error running eject: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ios’ of undefined

Sorry, I forget to do npm i . How can I delete the question?

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do you mind if we leave it here? it may be useful to others :slight_smile: